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Brake Repair Service In Nipissing, ON

Nothing is worse than driving down the road and realizing your brakes aren’t working properly. Panic might set in as you start to worry if you’ll be able to stop without hitting anyone. If this has ever happened to you, you know that your next move is to find the nearest brake service shop.

Here at True Centre Auto Service in Nipissing, ON, we care about your safety, and if your brakes aren’t working properly, then you aren’t safe.

Whether it be leaky brake fluid, worn-out brake pads, or fixing faulty anti-lock brake systems (ABS) here at True Centre Auto Service we have the expertise to provide a reliable and quality brake repair service for your car.

6 Signs That It’s Time to Get Your Brake Serviced

If you are not sure if it is time to get your brakes serviced, look for these signs:

1. Poor Performance:

When your brakes take a long time to respond it might mean the pads need replacing. Or you might be feeling that the brakes are soft or spongy. This indicates that there is something wrong with the fluid.

2. Squeaky Brakes:

If you notice a loud squeaking sound coming from your car whenever you use the brakes, come to see us right away! Your brakes need replacement meaning you will need a full brake repair service.

3. Pulling or Grabbing

When you press down on the brake is there a pulling or grabbing as you approach the stop? This could be a rotation issue or your fluids need replacing. Either way, bring it into John’s Auto for a full brake service.  We will keep you safe and your car working smoothly.

4. Vibration When Braking

If your car starts to vibrate when you are hitting the brake, it is probably time for a brake service. The vibration might mean that your brake rotors may be warped. Without a proper brake service, you might be causing further damage, so let us look at it before things get worse.

 5. Elapsed Time / Distance

Here at True Centre Auto Service, we generally recommend booking preventative brake maintenance and inspections every 12 months or 20,000km of driving. This estimate will vary based on your unique driving habits, vehicle, and weather conditions, as aggressive braking and heavy loads increase wear-and-tear, and high levels of humidity and rain increase the risks of rust forming on discs and rotors.

6. Brake Warning Light

Many modern vehicles are built with tiny sensors that detect when your brake pads are nearing the end of their service life and trip the dash light to tell you when it’s time to book your next brake service. This light can also indicate low brake fluid or ABS errors, but don’t worry—our brake specialists will get right to the source of the problem.

If your car is showing any of these signs please click hereto book an appointment today. To learn more about brake repair services in Nipissing, ON, or our other available products and services, please contact us via our website or call us at 705-474-8021

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