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Toyo Tires in Derland, ON

toyo tires

Toyo Tires has been serving the Canadian market with high quality tires since 1982, however they have been creating advanced technology tires for over 7 decades. With origins in Japan, Toyo Tires have become well known with on and off-road racers. Toyo is known for testing their Observe winter tire line in Canada to withstand Canadian winter driving conditions. Toyo also puts their light truck and passenger truck tires through extreme testing to ensure the tires will perform in any weather conditions. Toyo offers a wide range of tires including all season tires and winter tires for light truck, SUV and performance tires.

Toyo’s focus on developing long-wearing high end tires has customers noticing them, as they have been awarded the Overall Consumer Brand 7 times. Any drivers looking for unique looking tires that match their driving habits should give Toyo tires a try.

Regardless of the specific style you choose, your new Toyo tires will be a high quality, reliable product.

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