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Towing Products in Redbridge, ON

In addition to providing Redbridge with top-quality auto repair services, True-Centre Auto Service also carries a range of quality towing accessories.

Whether you are looking for accessories to help tow your trailer, add extra cargo space, or take your family on that bike excursion you’ve always talked about, we’ve got something that will suit your needs and specifications.

Our selection of towing products includes:


The most widespread use for a hitch is towing. However, there are many other benefits to having a hitch on your vehicle. You can use one to attach a bike rack to your car or increase cargo space with a carrier.

There are several types of trailer hitches, and the one you choose is dependent on two factors. What is the intended use of the hitch, and what is your vehicles hauling or towing capacity specifications? Let’s look at the different types of hitches and what they are used for.

1. Rear Receiver Hitch

The most commonly seen style of hitch, a rear receiver is affixed to the rear frame of the vehicle. It features a square tube receiver that a vast number of things can attach to

2.Front Mount Hitch

As you may have guessed, a front mount hitch is affixed to the front of the car’s frame. You can use it for winches, cargo carriers, and even snowplows.

3. 5th Wheel Hitch

A heavy-duty hitch attached to the truck bed is intended to haul heavy-duty loads like 5th wheel trailers, car haulers, and livestock haulers.

4. Gooseneck Hitch

Like 5th wheel hitches, a gooseneck attaches to the truck bed but has slightly fewer hauling capabilities and is less invasive.

5. Pintle Hitch

Used typically in the construction industry, a pintle hitch is a more robust alternative to the standard hitch and trailer ball styles.

6. Bumper Hitch

This style of hitch attaches to the bumper, so it can’t tow much but is excellent for lightweight application

7. Weight Distribution Hitch

Technically, this is more of a hitch attachment as it needs to be mounted on a rear receiver. It helps to evenly distribute the tongue weight across the trailer and tow vehicle.

Trailer Wiring Kits

These kits will allow you to connect each of the brake lights and your taillight to your trailer, allowing for safe travels.

Brake Controllers

An electronic device that allows you to monitor, activate, and regulate electric trailer break activity from the driver’s seat.

Trailer Balls and Drawbars

Both styles mount onto a receiver and lock using a pin, but a ball hitch can be adjusted to different heights while a drawbar cannot.

Trailer Tongue and 5th Wheel Boxes

Keep your trailer and all your possessions safe with a durable lockbox for your trailer tongue or 5th wheel.

Trailer Locks

Keep your trailer hitch and receiver locked together until you need them and help prevent lost or stolen hitch components.

Have more questions about our range of towing accessories?

Contact the team at True-Centre Auto Service in Redbridge. We know the answers to all your towing questions and have the products to help you do it right!

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