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Shocks and Strut Replacement in North Bay, ON

Shocks & Struts Repair Near Me

When it comes to finding a good shock and strut repair shop, it can be hard to sort through all the options. If you’re looking for the best strut replacement near me, look no further than True-Centre Auto Service. Our auto care specialists are highly skilled and trained in state-of-the-art shock and strut maintenance. What are shocks and struts?

What are Shocks and Struts and what do they do?

Shocks and struts are vital components of your car’s suspension system, each with its own function.

  • Shocks – Also called shock absorbers, shocks are hydraulic pieces of the strut that reduce the amount of bounce created by the springs in your vehicle. While most minor bumps in the road are absorbed by the springs, the shocks help in more tumultuous terrain such as dirt roads, train tracks, and potholes. While they allow for a smoother riding vehicle, shocks also help you maintain control of your car on those rockier roads.
  • Struts – A structural component of your suspension system, struts are the connecting point between the wheels and the vehicle body. They are comprised of a shock absorber and spring. Your struts are what absorb most of the impact caused by rough terrain and bear the weight of your entire vehicle. They are an important part of your vehicle to maintain.

Together, the shocks and struts stabilize your car, help you maintain control of your vehicle, and provide a smooth ride over bumpy terrain. Typically, your shocks will need to be replaced every 80,000 – 90,000 km with struts lasting well into 200,000 km. If you’ve never addressed your vehicle’s shocks and struts, it might be time to book an appointment with the automotive technicians at True-Centre Auto Service.

How to tell if your Shocks and Struts need to be repaired:

There are other signs that your struts may need to be looked at by a professional. If you’ve experienced any of the following while driving, bring your car to True-Centre Auto Service to have your suspension serviced immediately.

  • Unstable highway driving:

This is something that you would just feel while driving. As though your car is slightly moving up and down.

  • Tipping when turning corners:

Your vehicle feels like it is tipping toward the outside of the turn while taking an offramp or making a sharp turn.

  • Tires bounce excessively:

After driving over a bump, you feel the tires bouncing continuously. To test this, with your car in park, press down firmly on the hood depressing the wheels, then quickly release your hold. If the vehicle bounces once and stops, your shocks and struts are good. If your car continues to bounce, there may be an issue with your suspension system.

  • Unusual tire wear patterns:

Since the tire isn’t being held into the road correctly, the wear patterns become squiggly.

  • Fluid leaking from shocks or struts:

This is because the seals have been broken, and suspension fluids are leaking out.

Shock Absorber and Strut Repair in North Bay, ON

If you have any reason to believe that your shocks and struts require some TLC, call True-Centre Auto Service at 705-474-8021 or click to request your appointment today!

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