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Shocks and Struts in North Bay, ON

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You may not know what shocks and struts do or even where they are located on your vehicle. If you take anything away from this page, know that shocks and struts are two of the key components that create and maintain a smooth ride even when you are on a bumpy road.

At True Centre Auto Service in North Bay, ON, our team of service advisors and technicians are extremely skilled in diagnosing your vehicle’s issues. We’ll hoist your vehicle up and take a look at your suspension system and we’ll easily be able to tell if your shocks and struts need servicing or even if your vehicle’s suspension system needs a repair.

Shocks vs. Struts

Shocks and struts are both key parts of the suspension system in your vehicle, but they both have different jobs.

Shocks – Also known as shock absorbers, shocks are hydraulic parts that work to reduce the movement that your vehicle’s springs create. The springs absorb some of the bumps you might feel in different terrain, like rocky roads or potholes, this in turn creates extra movement that must be absorbed. The shocks in your vehicle absorb that extra movement which helps you to maintain control of your car, providing a smoother and more relaxing ride.

Struts – Struts are a structural, weight bearing component of your vehicles suspension system. They are composed of a spring and a shock absorber. Since they bear the weight of your vehicle they are typically stronger and they also bear the job of reducing the big jolts you might feel on a bumpy drive.

Shock Absorber and Strut Repair in North Bay, ON

If you are looking for the right shop to repair your shocks or struts, look no further than True Centre Auto Service. We strive to provide the best-in-class service that you deserve at reasonable prices. Call today to speak with a service advisor or book your appointment online.

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