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Transmission Service in Powassan, ON

The transmission is crucial to the functioning of an automobile. Without a transmission, your car won’t work. Given this, transmission service and transmission repair are pretty important.

If you’re concerned that you’re experiencing transmission problems, you might be searching, “Transmission repair services”, “Transmission maintenance near me”, “Automatic vs manual transmission”, or something similar. If so, we at True-Centre Auto Service can help. Here’s what you need to know about transmission service.

transmission repair near me

“Can I get transmission repair near me in Powassan, Ontario?”

You can! At True-Centre Auto Service, we offer transmission maintenance and repair services in Powassan, ON. But how does the transmission work? And what kinds of service does it need?

How does the transmission work?

The transmission links the engine to the wheels. It ensures the correct amount of power is delivered from the engine to the axles, and therefore the wheels, to drive at any given speed. The transmission changes gears as the speeds increase so the right amount of power is generated to keep the vehicle moving.

Manual transmissions require the driver to manually shift between a series of gears, while automatic transmissions do this automatically. If you drive an automatic transmission, you usually only have to shift from park into drive or reverse. While manual transmissions require more work of the driver, they’re also lighter and usually slightly more fuel efficient than automatic ones.

What does transmission fluid do?

Transmission fluid is similar to an internal combustion engine’s oil. Indeed, some manual transmissions actually use motor oil, or something called manual transmission fluid, as lubrication and coolant. But some manual transmissions, and all automatic transmissions, use automatic transmission fluid, or ATF.

Synthetic automatic transmission fluid is an increasingly popular option, and it serves the same function. Transmission fluid cools and lubricates your vehicle’s transmission, enabling it to function efficiently, without overheating and incurring internal damage from friction. Transmission fluid needs to be topped up periodically and you should also check the quality of the fluid. If the fluid is in poor condition, you may need a transmission fluid flush.

How does a transmission flush work?

Transmission fluid ought to be flushed and exchanged for new fluid according to the suggested schedule that your vehicle manufacturer recommends in your owner’s manual. This ensures you can change gears smoothly. However, transmission fluid gets dirty and degraded over time, and when this happens, you need a flush to remove the debris and replace the fluid.

Signs you need a transmission flush

The following can be symptoms of insufficient or degraded transmission fluid:

  • Trouble switching gears
  • A burning smell
  • Puddles of fluid underneath your vehicle indicating a leak
  • If your check engine light illuminates
  • Grinding or shaking
  • Dark, opaque fluid (good transmission fluid is mostly translucent with a reddish, or sometimes greenish, hue)
  • Bad smelling fluid

Make True-Centre Auto Service your transmission repair shop in Powassan, ON

There’s no need to keep searching for a transmission shop in the Powassan area. Just come to True-Centre Auto Service and we can perform a transmission fluid flush or any other repair your transmission needs.

To book an appointment for transmission service, or for any other auto service in Powassan, ON, please click here. To learn more about us, you can contact us via our website or call us at 705-474-8021

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