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Hankook Tires in West Nipissing, ON

hankook tires

Hankook not only produces a high quality tire, but also is a leader in the industry when it comes to environmental responsibility. Due to Hankooks involvement in the race industry, they are able to pass along their knowledge and technology from racing tires to create all season tires, winter tires, performance tires and light truck and SUV tires as well.

All Hankook tires sold feature Kontrol Technology, which:

  • Benefits drivers through improved handling and stability
  • Offers greater safety through high quality materials
  • More comfortable driving from reduced noise and vibrations
  • Reducing the impact driving has on the environment
  • Saving money from more durable and long lasting tires

Make the True-Centre Auto Service your Hankook Tires dealer in West Nipissing, ON

We are happy to offer our customers Hankook tires at True Centre Auto Service in West Nipissing, ON. Call today for pricing and availability!

Call today for pricing and availability!

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